Saturday, May 20, 2006

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Chek Mark is a new company with the solution to small business networking and survival. In other words, it's the answer to getting customers in your door without spending money for advertising and marketing. Have you ever placed an ad? You choose some merchandise to mark 20 - 50% off to get them in the door. Then you have to pay for the ad and wait. Sometimes the ad will pay for itself. Other times you sit there waiting, hoping that ad will work and customers will walk through that door. What percent of the time does that ad pay for itself? How often do you make a profit?

Chek Mark networks businesses together, creating an alliance where they refer customers to each other.

ACTIVATING MERCHANT (I have a lot of awesome customers!)
An activating merchant is someone who has a lot of customers and is willing to share, at a price.

Why do we sell gift certificates? We want to increase our revenue!

The activating merchant hands out 1000 cards (200 at a time) to their favorite customers. In return, when a customer uses this card at another merchant, they are getting a free shopping spree at that store. (I'll explain more below)

PARTICIPATING MERCHANT (Send me your customers!)
This is the position of someone who needs customers to walk in that door and make a purchase. The Chek Mark card holder will look for participating merchants so they can shop for free at the activating merchants place of business!

Peggy's Deli is always swamped at lunch and dinner! She never needs to advertise and is always keeping busy with customer satisfaction and great sandwhiches. She is an ACTIVATING MERCHANT. She hands out cards to her favorite customers, or those who she would like to see there more often. Customer A is one person who gets the card. They want free lunch! They need some new shoes so run over to Joe's Shoe Mart and spend $200 on shoes. Joe in turn gives 10% back to Peggy's to purchase a gift certificate for Customer A. Customer A shops for free, Joe got a purchase, and Peggy's gets a returning pre-paid customer! Now imagine if that happened with 10,000 customers in an area?

Now imagine if everytime someone uses the card, 1% goes into a pool. Once that pool reaches a MILLION $$$$, someone becomes a millionaire? You got it! Whichever consumer pushes that pool to the millionth dollar, becomes a millionaire. The businesses also benefit in cash bonuses! Would you use your card in hopes to be the millionth dollar?

Project Associate: We need you to introduce this awesome program to small businesses and sign them up! That's it.

You get $100 per qualified sign-up, after the initial 7 at $50 commission. This is a contract position

Each Project Associate (PA) has a set goal to sign up 200 businesses (100 activiting and 100 participating).

What will it cost the business?
$299 set-up for the equipment that processes the transactions and replace their credit card machines.

Participating Merchants:
Set up fee plus just 20% of the sales from Chek Mark customers only! In many cases, that's less then what they would pay to place an ad and use a hook or discount to bring customers in! 10% goes to the referring merchant, and the rest goes to the money fund, to pay for the processing, commissions, overrides and other costs or Chek Mark.

What would you pay to bring in 10,000 to 100,000 new PAYING customers this year?This program sells itself!

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